At Smilemakers we understand that for most people a visit to the dentist is a very stressful experience. Because of this we have structured our practice to be as home-like as possible. Our waiting room is a lovely sunroom that is warm in the cold Blue Mountains winters and is shaded by a large tree so that it is cooler in summer. It has a view of our beautiful landscaped front garden and we have current magazines available for those seeking distraction.

When someone comes to Smilemakers for an appointment we show our respect for their time by notifying them immediately if we are running late and also by trying not to run late in the first place.


On being seated in the surgery we explain all treatment and options before commencing treatment. If a written quote for treatment is required we are always happy to provide it. If you need further information to explain your treatment to family etc, we will provide information sheets describing the proposed treatment.







If we need to use local anaesthetic, we will apply a numbing gel to the gum. We do not rush the numbing process and always allow sufficient time for the tooth to go numb before starting the treatment. We will always carry out the treatment as carefully and skilfully as possible.


You won’t find any “patchwork” dentistry here. If a tooth is broken we assess the forces on the tooth and then we will fix it properly. Temporary fillings are sometimes placed, but the goal of our practice is comprehensive treatment that lasts a long time.

We are looking for a long-term relationship with our patients, and we strive to be our patients' “happy dental home”.

Our dental technicians will always endeavour to see emergencies as soon as possible, but of course, our philosophy is to prevent the emergency happening in the first place! We want to fix things before they cause you any pain. Did you know that teeth heal better and last longer if they are not allowed to become painful or infected?

Tooth conservation is our mantra.